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What is ISDN Technology ?

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a type of circuit switched telephone network system, designed to allow digital (as opposed to analogue) transmission of voice and data over ordinary telephone copper wires, resulting in better quality and higher speeds, than is capable with analogue systems. More broadly, ISDN is a set of protocols for establishing and breaking circuit switched connections, and for advanced call features for the end user.


Does LTS PABX support ISDN and its features ?

Yes, all the features. It should be noted that we provide different types of telecommunication equipments. ISDN lines can be connected to the adequate PABX. ISDN lines exist in different types (ISDN Basic Rate or Primary Rate). Two main feature:
1. Caller Line Identification (CLI), not to confuse with "Indice" service, is an integrated feature of ISDN. Our range of digital or IP screen phones supports CLI.
2. Direct Inwards Dialing (DID / MSN) is also supported amongst other features.


What advantages are there using ISDN ?

Numerous advantages are present. ISDN technology provides better communication quality and features. The two main features have been described in previous question/answer. ISDN technology can provide 15, 20 or 30 B channels on two pair wires, i.e. equal to 30 digital lines, with one head number (telephone number).


The difference between analogue, digital and IP PABX ?

Analogue PABX are mainly for small enterprise and provide an economical way of managing your internal telephone system.

Digital PABX are for Small and Medium Enterprise. With the capability of connecting ISDN lines (BRI or PRI), and with our range of digital phones, you will benefit the features of ISDN lines and the exhaustive list of integrated features of the PABX.

IP PABX is the latest state-of-the-art communication equipment. Small, medium and large enterprise can now fully benefit of IP technology. You can use your existing computer network to route voice communication, connect multiple branch offices, etc ... Please see the ICP3300 IP Systems.


Which one is best for me ?

Depending on your requirements, we will propose a system that would suit you business needs. You should contact our sales department as soon as possible, where they will attend to your call. They will guide you in the process of chosing the best system.