About Us

Ever since its foundation in 1987, LTS continues to play a considerable role in the communications industry in Maurtius, as it keeps on expanding its activities and going strong with the globalization trends in the telecommunications sector. With IP becoming one of the core communication technologies, our products now range from traditional PABX systems to integrated communications platforms. Our customers are able to choose from the myriad systems that meet their unique needs, all the while remaining simple, reliable and economical. We offer solutions to help the businesses in the retail sector, the hospitality industry, healthcare, and other professional service organizations to enhance their operations and improve their responsiveness to customers' concerns and extend the network for improved employee productivity.

 We hold the flexibility to provide solutions and meet the widely differing telecommunications needs of our customers, which are becoming increasingly diversified, and complex.
The success of our business is the result of the people involved. At LTS, our talented people are energized by change and ready for challenges. Our company currently has a staff of 40, which incorporates a dedicated and determined management team, a competent sales and marketing unit, fully qualified engineers and skilled technicians for a strong technical backup service.
 The experience, leadership and vision of our talented people are the guiding factors on which our success lies. We share a vision and commitment to making life easier for today's businesses to communicate.

Our Force

Our core activities reside in the rental of our PABX systems and for this reason, we possess a well-built portfolio of corporate clients with whom we share a mutual relationship of trust. Our clients rely on our services and continue to remain loyal to our company whilst we equally strive our best to deliver the best services and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
In view of that, given its proven track record, LTS enjoys a sound foothold in approaching its loyal clientele. We hold an easier access to represent other companies of internal repute in the field of telecommunications and their brands and are able to push along new products that may be to our existing customers' interest. LTS has acted as agents and even now represents many reputed international companies in Mauritius. Some of them include Matrix Telecom PvT, Mitel Networks, France Telecom Terminaux, Plantronics, Duplex Telecom, Telephone Cables Ltd, etc.
One of our objectives is to diversify in other areas for providing telecom services at national and international levels. With other prolific projects in mind, we aim to provide the latest technology and services to our customers. In this relationship, LTS has already worked out a project to operate as a Service Provider in various niche markets within the framework of the liberalization of the telecommunications sector.